Ron Bakir FAQs

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Who is Ron Bakir?
Ron Bakir is the CEO and founder of Homecorp; one of Australia’s most successful urban community creators operating in regional Australia.

Who is Homecorp?
From humble beginnings delivering small home and land projects to Australian Property Investors, Homecorp has grown to catalyse over half a billion dollars of urban development projects. 

Homecorp recognises that a great investment comes from delivering a quality home in a quality place.  Homecorp sources and secures new projects in regions of high infrastructure investment and job creation.

Homecorp is a private company headquartered on the Gold Coast, Queensland.  Homecorp has delivered projects in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.  

Where does Homecorp operate?
Homecorp has delivered projects across Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. 

What happened to Crazy Rons?
Ron Bakir started the mobile phone chain Crazy Rons in 1995 when just a young man of 17. Passionate, young and talented, Ron cut through the media landscape with his natural ability to get people’s attention.  Crazy Rons was dissolved in 2006 following a Trademark dispute with Crazy John.

Why did Ron Bakir get involved with Schapelle Corby?
Ron Bakir has always championed the cause of the disadvantaged.  Some of this charity involvement has been high profile such as the pursuit of a fair and just legal defence for local Gold Coast resident Schapelle Corby. Early in the case there was a lack of awareness and support for what was likely to be a miscarriage of justice. Ron, working with other members of the team raised awareness to seek the support of the Australian Government. 

Mr Bakir believes this issue has often been misunderstood.  

“There has always been a lot of speculation about this.

“Why would a stranger jump in to help and spend money on her defence?

“Well the truth of the matter is that, just like the overwhelming majority of Australian’s at the time, I looked at that poor terrified girl in the papers and my heart went out to her. As the days went on and no one had stepped forward to help her I felt an overwhelming urge to help.

“She could have been your or my sister, how could we leave her to rot in a Bali jail or face the death sentence without doing something?

“I really thought we’d pop over there and talk to the appropriate people and sort out this situation.

“Little did I know that we’d be in for such a long and protracted legal battle, but I made her a promise that I’d see it through, and I did,” said Mr Bakir.

Why did Ron leave the Schapelle Corby case?
Mr Bakir saw the case through to the end.

“I saw it through all the way until the verdict. Unfortunately we didn’t get the verdict that we all wanted.

"Around this period the Australian Government provided lawyers from Australia to assist with the case.  The time was right for me to focus my energy on the business I had been neglecting for some time.

“I had done all that I could to raise awareness of Schapelle’s plight in Australia and in political circles and hopefully some of that effort has contributed towards the current guarantee that has been offered by the Australian Government to the Indonesian Government," said Mr Bakir.