Ron Bakir Homecorp CEO

Ron Bakir is the proud CEO and founder of Homecorp; one of Australia’s most successful urban community creators operating in regional Australia.


Ron Bakir is the proud CEO and founder of Homecorp Property Group; one of Australia’s most successful urban community creators operating in regional Australia.

The epitome of a 21st century leader and entrepreneur, Ron Bakir started his first business as a young man selling mobile phones. This venture quickly turned into a large chain and grew rapidly across Queensland.

A true believer in a better future, Ron Bakir has always championed the cause of the disadvantaged. As the son of a migrant family, Ron has lived what it means to start from scratch. Ron’s work has taken him into places all over Australia and the world.

Since 2004, Ron has led a talented team of urban development professionals to create one of Queensland’s most dynamic property companies.

Ron was nominated for the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2013, winning the title with his dedication and business direction leading Homecorp.

The insatiable pursuit of achieving the impossible drives Ron’s passion for better places. This is shown in the strong and steady growth of Homecorp.

Ron Bakir has also been nominated for the prestigious Executive of the Year Awards 2015. Held by CEO Magazine, Ron is one of four finalist in the Industry Awards category, Construction Executive of the Year, for his success and dedication in property development.

He was Interviewed by the esteemed CEO Magazine, Australia’s leading business magazine for high-level executives and decision-makers. The profile highlights Ron Bakir’s passion, natural entrepreneurial ability and drive to continuously deliver for his valued customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Having successfully built Homecorp Property Group into a market leader over the past decade, Ron credits his achievements to strong will, determination and working towards a very clear goal.  

To this date, Homecorp has delivered thousands of homes across Australia and is regarded as one of Australia’s emerging urban leaders, under the guidance of Ron Bakir and is committed team of professionals. 

Explaining Ron Bakir's Success Leading
HomeCorp Property Group. 
The CEO Magazine

Following his nomination as a finalist for the coveted 2015 Executive of the Year Awards, Ron Bakir was asked to be interviewed by Australia’s leading business magazine: The CEO Magazine.

The high-profile interview with Ron Bakir revealed a side of the media-shy HomeCorp Property Group’s CEO and founder many don’t get to see. Ron may be young but behind his broad smile lies a wealth of knowledge about how people not just property make a development company successful.

  • “I want what you think.”

There’s no doubt that Ron Bakir is a natural leader, but that doesn’t mean he’s fallen into the all-too-common trap of valuing only his own opinion. While Ron prides himself on having an “open-door policy” he expects his staff to approach him with well thought out solutions, not just problems.


Because when you treat people as if they are capable you’ll be amazed at how capable they really are. In the words of Ron, “You are creative enough, you have a brain, so I want you to think!”


  • “If we are going to think average, then all our organisation will ever be is average.”

Striving to go beyond what his clients, or industry counterparts expect of HomeCorp is a key driver to success that Ron Bakir says he has tried to instil in his entire team, from his receptionists through to all of the other divisions.


  • “You need to be straight up and down with people, tell them the way it is.”

Property development is a business where trust is critical. Whilst many developers focus only on winning over potential clients with the bells and whistles approach, Ron Bakir has always told his team that directness and honesty are by far the best approach to dealing with people. 

His reasoning is simple: the people you do end up doing business with will respect you for “telling it the way it is” from the get go, and trust will be fostered from early on in your relationship. And, as for the people who don’t like what they hear? At least you’ll both know where you stand, and you can save both parties’ time from the get-go. 


  • “Anybody can do it as long as they have a very clear picture of what their goal is.”

While the concept of setting goals is certainly not a new one, Ron emphasises that knowing exactly what your goals are is important for an entire company, and that’s why it should be important to you. 

After Ron Bakir was awarded the title of Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013, he told his interviewer, “Make sure your goal is clear in your mind, if you can’t see it then no one else can.”
And it’s true. You can achieve so much more in a team than you can on your own, but you’ll achieve even more if your team knows what they are aspiring to.


  • “This is not the end for the client.”

According to Ron, one of the biggest pitfalls in the development industry is assuming that once the transaction between seller and property buyer has taken place then that is the end of their relationship.

“We believe that even after a sale has been completed and the person has purchased their first property, they remain a customer for life,” says Ron.

Viewing HomeCorp Property Group’s clients as investors and future partners in his business instead of seeing them as single transaction statistics is one of the biggest keys to sustaining business growth and brand trust, according to Ron.